Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Alex swallowed a penny and was fine, but a bit frightened. Simeon wanted to make him feel better,

"Don't worry, Alex," he said. "I swallowed a Miraculous Medal once and I'm Ok!"


Anonymous said...

Just FYI, my ped. told me that if anyone ever swallows something I need to bring them in for an x-ray. Even if they don't choke, it could get stuck somewhere. Might be worth a call (unless it has already "passed").


Suzanne Temple said...

Yes, thank you Melissa. My ped. said to give it week first.

Anonymous said...

My cousin who is six now swallowed a nickel when she was two. When my aunt and uncle noticed her choking she told them she swallowed "real money." They took all the coins out and she picked out the nickel as the one she swallowed. While we waited for it to pass, she would tell someone she used the potty and then open her mouth for them to check! I guess it made sense to her that if it went in that way it would come out that way! In the end she didn't pass it and doctors insisted on putting her under to get it out of her stomach. Once they got it out, they realized her stomach acid had been eating right through it, she would have been just fine without the procedure! It makes you wonder how much kids swallow that we DON'T know about.

Alice said...

RoFL! This is a Catholic Kid Classic if ever there was one. It would make a great cartoon, wouldn't it? I can just see the kid on the table getting an X-ray and the brother looking on concerned with the caption, "Don't worry, Alex. I swallowed a Miraculous Medal once and I'm OK!"

If only the New Yorker Magazine was Catholic!