Thursday, November 02, 2006

All Souls

O God of spirits and of all flesh, who have trampled death, broken the power of Satan, and have granted life to your world: grant rest, O Lord, to the souls of your departed servants, in a place of light, joy, and peace, where there is no pain, sorrow or mourning. Kind and gracious God, forgive them every sin, committed in word, deed, or thought, since there is no person who lives and does not sin. You alone are without sin, your justice is everlasting justice, and your word is the truth. For you are the resurrection, the life, and the repose of your departed servants, O Christ, our God, and we glorify You, together with your eternal Father, and your all-holy gracious, and life-giving spirit, now and ever, and forever, Amen.

From the Byzantine Book of Prayer, Byzantine Seminary Press.


Jen said...

Beautiful. Thanks for posting this.


Jen said...

I love the picture, espeically.

Where did you find it, if I may ask?


Suzanne Temple said...

Thanks Jen, I found the picture at Wikipedia under the listing for All Souls Day.

Suzanne Temple said...

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention the name of the painting is "All Souls' Day" and the artist is William Bouguereau.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Click on Image.

Set as Wallpaper.


Absolutely lovely.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful!

Gabrielle said...

I really like William B.'s work as well. This summer,for my birthday, my son gave me a small framed print of his Blessed Virgin Mary. I was really surprised and touched.