Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Advent Wreath

I love my Advent Wreath!

I make a new Advent Wreath every year. I have a candle-holding ring base that I usually wrap Eucalyptus leaves around and tie with gold ribbon. Today, we did something a bit different.
I love, love, love my Advent Wreath!

This year the boys wanted a nature theme. So, we bought some colored Eucalyptus as usual, but also pine cone and berry sticks, fake ice-coated branches, silver ribbon, and a bird.
Oh, how I love my Advent Wreath!

We are supposing that bird is a Dove. We placed him next to the rose-colored candle which, most of you know, symbolizes hope and is lit on Gaudete Sunday. We thought it was fitting that peace be perched by hope--the two go hand in hand.
Have I mentioned yet, that I love this Advent Wreath? I look at it and it makes me happy. It is a little piece of heaven in my domestic church--a pretty little reminder that the Savior is coming and despite all the distractions, I will not be left out of the preparations.

Let every heart prepare Him room!

* * *


Anonymous said...

It's lovely.
Well done.
In Jesus,
Maria in the UK

Jen said...

Beautiful! I'll hire you on to make one for us next year. ;-)

Jamie said...

I love your Advent wreath also!

helene said...

Where did you get the candles? I am having trouble this year finding the right colors. JoAnn Fabrics usually has a boxed set for sale this time of year, but they burn too quickly. Yours look high quality.

Suzanne Temple said...

helene, I have an extra set. They're yours if you want them. The extra set is tappered, though. I bought them first, but then found the classic cut I prefer.

Cay said...


Erika said...

Very beautiful. I still need to find my Advent wreath. I should get cracking on that.

Theresa said...

Very pretty.

Matilda said...

I do a new one every year as well! This year it is votive candles in wine glasses (non-breakable) positioned in the middle of a wreath decorated with purple and pink mini-roses. I suspended the whole thing from the ceiling with white ribbon.

I really like yours and want to know more about the base. Is it just a plain brass ring with four candle holders? I have seen those around and might pick one up for next year.

Suzanne Temple said...

Wow, matilda, that sounds really neat! I'd love to see it. The base is just a brass ring with four holders.

j.a.varela said...


I dropped here looking for an Advent Wreath. What a surprise!

Feel frewe to visit our family blog.


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