Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ten Random Facts Meme

I've been tagged by the Love2learnmom to do the Ten Random Facts about myself meme. I can't hold a candle to the Minnesota Mom's meme. I never swam with dolphins, lived in a castle, took pictures of famous people, or attended presidential inaugurations, (Notice, folks, she doesn't even include in her meme that she once made dinner for Martha Stuart!) but I'll do my best...

1. Growing up, my family called me "Susie."

2. Once, when I was little, a friend's mother meant to say to her daughter, "Go play in the pool with Susie." but what she really said was, "Go play in the sooz with Poolie." After that, my family called me Susie Poolie, as a nickname. I often use this as my username on the web.

3. I love music, but I can't sing. One of the many things that motivates me to want to get to heaven is the thought that, there, I might be able to sing... really and truly sing the praises of God.

4. I am good at a great many things, but I am excellent at NOTHING. Sometimes, I wish I could trade in my abilities in less important areas so that I could receive greater ability in a few select areas.

5. In high school, I listened to bands like U2, Ten Thousand Maniacs, and The Indigo Girls. I wrote bad poetry and hung out with the artsy-types.

6. I married the first man I met at college. After a few casual dates he asked me if I would ever consider seriously dating a protestant (He was one at the time). I said, "No, because I could never marry one. It wouldn't be good for my own faith or for my children." He said, "I would never want to compromise your faith and so I guess this is the end of the road for us." He really did back off at that point, which made me really respect him. He joined the Catholic Church in October of our senior year and we married 14 months later.

7. I won the "Young Author's Award" for a story I wrote and illustrated in the first grade. It was about a girl who was too small to do all the things she wanted to do. She was very frustrated with herself until her family was accidentally locked out of their house. She was the only one small enough to crawl through a cracked window and rescue her family. They were all so pleased with her and she was pleased with herself. THE END. The prize for this award (besides the beautiful flowers I received when they announced the winner) was an all-day writers conference with other Young Authors from all over the state. I went with my father. The guest speaker was William H. Armstrong. We received autographed copies of his award winning book, "Sounder," and they served us peanut butter and mint jelly sandwiches for lunch. I liked the conference, but those sandwiches really grossed me out.

8. When my husband decided to go to law school after four years of teaching, I called my dearest friend and college roommate to tell her about it (She lived on the opposite coast at the time). She then told her husband about it and he decided to go, too. So, I got to have another three years living close this very special friend. Now, sadly, she lives on the opposite coast again. I am always scheming to find a way to see her.

9. I was a staff writer for for the three years my husband was in law school. I loved this job and the people I worked with. Since they went out of business however, none of the book reviews I wrote in that time have ever been put to any real use.

10. I would like to write again in some capacity, though I do not know exactly what and where just yet. I would like to write things that inspire in my readers a greater love for God, His Church on Earth, and for all things good and beautiful.


Mary Poppins NOT said...

Regarding #10, I think you are doing just that. I have been quite edified by your writing, and as soon as I get to the housekeeping at crazyacres, I'll get you on my side bar.

Suzanne Temple said...

MPN, That means a lot to me, coming from you!

Melissa said...

I am in full agreement with MPN. I always enjoy stopping by here for an uplifting dose of your wonderful writing!

I also loved your number 6. My husband was a self proclaimed atheist when we met. After much prayer on my part, many RCIA meetings at my parish, and a long and winding spiritual journey on his part, he happily joined the Catholic Church the Easter before we married. In many ways, to me, that was a more beautiful ceremony than our actual wedding!

Erika said...

I second, or third, Mary Poppins Not and Melissa. You definitely accomplish number 10 on this blog.

helene said...

Hey! I forgot all about the "Young Author's Award"!!!! I won that thing in fifth grade. Dad took me to that conference, too! My story was about twin girls (with REALLY big ponytails) who scrimped and saved in all sorts of creative ways to buy a puppy they adored at the Pet Store. I think it was the ponytails that pushed me over the top. I got a copy of Sounder, too! And, yes, the gross mint jelly sandwhiches! This is so bizarre and I would have forgotten every detail if you hadn't written here about it. Thanks for taking me back to 10 years old, Susie Poolie. Your writing is fabulous.

Diane said...

I agree with all of the above. I check your Blog every day and enjoy it very much.
I was also touched by your number six as I also met my husband in college (My first serious relationship) only Mike was baptized Catholic but his parents bitterly left the church when he was a child due to reasons which would take up a whole page. Anyway, Mike told me that he didn't want to go back to the Catholic church. ( He was fed many horror stories/lies about the Catholic church as a child) I understood this and after much thought decided that God was God and I would attend his "Christian" (protestant) church and raise our children there. I talked to my priest and we decided to marry in my husbands church with the blessing of the catholic church. We were engaged six months after meeting and wed one year and twenty two days after our first meeting. All went well with our new church, until my husband's job started to make him work weekends causing us to miss services from time to time. This was not appreciated by his pastor and came to a head when our first child was born eleven months later. The pastor refused to baptize our precious daughter until my husband refused to work on Sunday's ( we would have to be at morning and evening services)and Wednesday nights ( this was also an obligatory church night) This was just not possible as he would be fired if he did not work these times. I got totally frustrated and I went back to the catholic church with my daughter.My husband was still reluctant to come back but understood .He also agreed that he would attend Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations , etc. with the family. After a couple weeks my daughter was Baptized Catholic and soon my husband agreed to attend mass with us. Because I never pushed him to come back officially he seen on his own that those stories that he was told were all lies and decided to come back totally. I am sure that this decision broke his Mothers heart but now 16 years later he is very glad that things worked out the way they did. We did find it in our hearts to forgive the pastor of his church for the unreasonable request and we had a meeting with him where we all walked away without hard feelings. It was only about a year after this that this pastor died. I feel that God did what he had to to get us back where we belonged.

Love2Learn Mom said...

Great list - and neat stories from you and your commenters. Wow - you guys really have writing in the blood - how amazing that you and Helene won the same award!

Anonymous said...

Ach, I've tried about three times today to leave a comment! :-/ And, I just lost another one ....

Anyway ... I agree with all of those who said your writing is great -- just start submitting it! :-)

Also, was touched by #6 on your list. My husband and I were both non-believers when we married, then I became a Christian, then later a Catholic. Five years after my reception into the Church, my husband was received. As Melissa said, it was, in many ways, even more beautiful than the wedding.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Okay, well, I feel self-conscious now. You still love me, right? ;)

When I went to bed last night after posting my list I did feel a little bit like a name-dropper. And then I thought about those people who are professional photographers by trade and to whom my list would seem a piddly little bit of nothing and I felt...well, self-conscious all over again.

You have probably figured out by now that one of the crosses of a writer is...self-consciousness.

You have a beautiful list and there is much here I can relate to. I listened to Ten Thousand Maniacs and the Indigo Girls almost exclusively the summer before my conversion. I was an artsy type (embarassingly so, at times). And when I met my husband he was Catholic, but needed reminders to, say, go to church on Sunday and the like.

Keep writing and try to have as much faith in yourself as we do. The articles will come along in God's good time.

PS. Swimming with the dolphin was cool. The rest was either grace or happenstance.

Kristen said...

Suzanne, I'm always scheming too!

Suzanne Temple said...

Ok, folks, blogger is up and running again, so I can finally respond without losing my comment (I hope).

Melissa, I'd like to hear more. You should post about that someday.

Thanks, Erika!

Helene, What are sisters for if not to remind one another of childhood? As always, your comments make me laugh.

Thank You Diane, for your kind words, and isn't it amazing how much God will do to get us to do what is good for us?

Thanks for tagging me, love2learnmom, this was fun!

Karen E, Thanks for trying again and again to leave a comment! I saw on your site that your full conversion story can be read on the web. Now you have peaked my interest.

MinM, I had meant all that as a compliment! It is true, true true that writing (especially about personal matters) is a very self-conscience deal. Writing book reviews was less so.But I know how much I gain by others sacrificing in this way and sharing their lives with me, so that encourages me. By the way, I saw Ten Thousand Maniacs in concert. I touched Natalie Merchant's hand. Did you do that, hu? hu? hu?

Hi Kristen. Do let me know when you come up with something.

Michelle said...

Egads, mint jelly?!?

Loved #6 too. The things we do for love...

Tine said...

Hey big sisters Suzanne and Helene! I also won the Young Author's Award! In the fourth grade I won for my story called _Funny Farm_ which was about sarcastic farm animals--I can't for the life of me recall the plot. In the fifth grade I won for my story about a talking corn kernel and his journey from the cornfield to the popcorn popper. Dad took me to one of those conferences, too. Poor Dad! What a trooper! What is even funnier is that Bright won the Young Author’s Award in fourth and fifth grade too!

Suzanne Temple said...

Hey Tine, I did remember that you had won, too!! Sarcastic farm animals, what? you?? I didn't realize you won twice, though!! Did anyone else ever win that award besides Augros girls and their future spouses?? I'd like to read that one about the pop corn, it sounds really good!