Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Question of Taste

Last night I made the perfect autumn meal, hopefully the first of many. I roasted turkey with sage and shallots, baked apples with cinnamon, steamed some green beans, and served them with a roasted chestnut and chicken-apple sausage dressing. With the chestnuts and turkey roasting and the apples baking, my house smelled like some place in a Beatrix Potter story all afternoon. Everyone cleaned his plate. Everyone thanked me for the meal. Everyone, that is, except for Simeon. He ate the apples, but that was all.

"Simeon," I said, "You are going to be hungry later."

"Why couldn't we have pasta?" he asked poking at his turkey with his fork.

"You need to learn to eat all the healthy foods Mama makes for you so you can grow healthy and strong," I said.

"I wish I didn't have taste," he replied; meaning that he could manage the meal if only he didn't have to experience its flavors.

"And I wish you did," I said; meaning his likes and dislikes could use a little, shall we say, refinement?


Margaret in Minnesota said...

It is no small thing to pull off a meal like this with so many little helpers at your side. Simeon may not have cared for it but the rest of us are drooling!

jerseygirlmama said...

Wow! I can remember not liking some things my mom made that I love now. I used to be like Simeon and not eat anything if I didn't like it and my parents left it at that. I wish I was like that now instead of just finding junk food I like and eating that instead! Of course with breastfeeding I have to eat something, not eating isn't an option, but if I at least didn't have the adult problem of choice and could force myself to eat only the healthy food!
And Kudos to mom 4 out of 5 boys happy is a great stat!

Kristen said...

Mmmmm.....could you Fed Ex some leftovers to California??

Johane said...

Something that I find helps me to get my young picky eaters eating, is to have them taste when I'm almost done. "Is it missing something? Does it need more salt? Should I add some corriander or some thyme?..." They taste, they have an input and they eat!

I will admit though, I didn't start out this way... It took me a while to figure this nice little trick out... (like 4 kids, and baby at 3yo! hehehe)

Anonymous said...

WOW......I can smell your dinner all the way to my house in New Hampshire! (drool)
Karen : )

Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious....but what are chicken-apples?

Suzanne Temple said...

Karen, I grew up in NH!

Anon, you're funny. I suppose you are teasing me and know that I meant chicken and apple sausage.

Mary Poppins NOT said...

That sounds simply scrumptious. If you got 4 out of 5 sastisfied, that is an unqualified success. I never am able to please them all for any one meal, but the average works out alright. I don't mind, but if they complain about the food, then they are excused.

I think I'll follow your inspiration this weekend!

Michelle said...

wow, I'm inspired! Sounds so yummy!