Thursday, October 19, 2006

Perhaps I Shouldn't Admit This...

...but I ate lunch in my pajamas today. They are brand new pajamas of the pants and shirt variety, Polartec fleece so cozy I just didn't want to get out them. I've never done this before, but we aren't going anywhere today and the weather is that kind of overcast grey that just invites you to take morning and make a day of it! And I guess that's what I've done.

Now that I think about it, we haven't been out much at all this whole week. We have mostly stayed at home, getting our schoolwork done, playing in the backyard, doing laundry, paying bills, making dinner. I love this. It is great to get out, to see people, to go on fieldtrips and do things, but it's also great to just be at home sometimes. After all, this is where the most important stuff happens and the most enduring lessons of life are learned.

Besides, there will be plenty of time for running around later when the boys are older. It won't be long before they'll need more than what I can offer them here, and very soon after that they won't really need me anymore at all. So, for long as it lasts, I am happy and thankful for these days at home. It is truly an astonishing and freeing thing to realize that, for now, everything they need, everything I need, it's all right here- in our minds, in our hearts, in our books, in our pantry, in our backyard.

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debbie said...

YEAH! PAJAMA DAY! (aka mental health day) Or at least that is what we call it in our house. The kids just beg for it! So every once in a while we do it! We just have a relaxing day of reading, schoolwork, watching movies and eating popcorn and just cuddling in our PJs. I think we all need one sometimes. Hope you enjoyed yours as much as we do ours!