Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Peanuts and Pies

Now that things are beginning to take shape with our homeschool year and I have a good sense of what can and can't be accomplished in a day, I'm starting to fill in the gaps where we could be doing more. I slowly add a reading of something here, a project or a game there, all in an effort to maximize every possible educational moment.

So, today I reintroduced "Think of Others Day." I worked out this plan last year where one day a week our family would "think of others."On this day, the boys are encouraged to be more generous with one another and all our prayer intentions are for others outside our immediate family. In the morning, we think together of who we know that might be in need. Is it a neighbor that has undergone surgery? A friend that has recently had a baby? We choose one such person and think of what we could do for them. This usually involves making a meal or baking a dessert and delivering it in person. The boys just love dropping goodies off to "those in need." Somehow, it speaks to their innate heroism.

Today was the first "Think of Others Day" of the year. We shared our toast with one another at breakfast, helped each other out with our schoolwork, and we argued with one another (like true disciples, Mark 9: 34) to be "last" in everything since this, of course, would make us "first" in thinking of others.

Most importantly, we baked an extra apple pie for a friend who recently had a baby. Well, as it really turned out, Jacob and I baked those pies while Nicholas napped and the older boys and Zachary watched "This is America, Charlie Brown".

Thanks, wise oldest sister, for recommending this to us. Two of my favorite things, history and "The Peanuts," rolled into one delightfully entertaining and very informative film. It is a gem! The boys loved it and, listening from the kitchen, I enjoyed it, too. Netflix has it, folks.

Needless to say, after baking all afternoon, dinner was a little less stellar than the night before. Simeon was pleased.


C.M.W. said...

We have the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk episode. I didn't know there were more. Thanks for the suggestion!

Kristen said...

It is wonderful that you make the time to do something for others. It's so important for our children to witness that example from us, no matter how "busy" we are. Time for me to start this in my own home!! Thank you for your inspiration.

Melissa said...

What a beautiful idea...and beautiful pies! I think my own kids are old enough now that we can (and SHOULD!) start working on something similar. Thanks so much for the inspiration!