Thursday, October 05, 2006

Not A Baby

Nicholas is Smart
He knows...
  • where the food is kept.
  • to make a beeline there when the phone rings.
  • he's cute.
  • to make sweetsie faces to the ladies at church.
  • how to make his brothers laugh and keep them laughing.
Nicholas is Strong
He can...
  • push his highchair across the kitchen and climb up into it to get on the counters.
  • shake his pack-n- play until it rocks across the room.
  • cling fast to a grocery cart when I try to get him out.
  • hold his own with Zachary.
  • lift the dining room table from underneath while making manly grunting noises.
Nicholas Talks
He says...
  • "Yourwelkuk," when I say "thank you."
  • "Brixfix," in the morning when I get him up.
  • "Crack-koor," when he wants a snack.
  • "Whazzat?" all day long.
  • "Bruddas!" when he is looking for playmates.
No, Nicholas is no longer a baby...sigh...


Anonymous said...

Isn't God wonderful?! Nicholas looks like he keeps you on your toes. So precious in His sight.
Karen : )

Anonymous said...

so cute of a little guy! So, how old IS he?

Suzanne Temple said...

Anon, good point. He's 17 months.