Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Pater Familias!

It is a good thing we aren't superstitious.

Because on this Friday, the thirteenth of October, a day Daniel Handler's Lemony Snicket deemed particularly appropriate to release his last book in "A Series of Unfortunate Events," Jeremy will begin the most expensive year of his life.

No, we aren't superstitious, but it couldn't hurt to list thirteen things I love about you, dear, just to lend the number thirteen a more positive image:

  1. You're Bona Fide.
  2. Our boys adore you.
  3. You're intelligent,
  4. and thoughtful,
  5. and modest.
  6. Your hair. If we ever have a girl, I want her to have your hair.
  7. You are always looking for ways to better yourself
  8. and doing them!
  9. You work hard.
  10. You're tall and well built,
  11. but the gentlest of gentlemen.
  12. This sort of thing embarrasses you,
  13. but you won't be angry with me for doing it, anyway!
Happy Birthday, sweetheart! The boys wanted to get you a chainsaw, but I opted for dress shoes; hope it doesn't disappoint!


helene said...

Happy Birthday Jeremy! My kids have been counting down the days and are now making me drive to B&N to buy THAT BOOK!

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday...

Kristen said...

I find it interesting that 34 is considered the most expensive year of a person's life. It's a custom of many Catholics to make a special sacrifice for the course of their 33rd year of life, commemorating the death of Our Lord. Maybe 34 is an earthly reward for the previous year! Or, maybe after having grown in holiness at 33 from our sacrifices, God asks even more of us! Yikes!

Wish Jeremy a very "Happy Birthday" from us. And what a handsome photograph!

Erika said...

Happy Birthday Jeremy, birthday buddy! I hope you have a wonderful day.