Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Growing Pains

Nothing makes me realize how much the boys have grown like dressing them for the fall. I am amazed at the sizes they are wearing for pants, shirts, and shoes. I am stunned by the size of Simeon's feet in particular. Catching a glimpse of that huge foot under the pantleg of his new pajamas this morning shocked me. Where did his little round foot go? The little toes I remember so well? I used to pretend to chew on them to make him laugh. I wouldn't chew his toes, now.

Yes, they have all grown so much since last spring, and part of growing up means that things once out of reach are no longer, and childproofing that had once worked may no longer be enough. Zachary wanted to drive this point home this morning.

We had noticed that the two littlest boys were pushing the bathroom stool under the medicine cabinet in the upstairs bathroom and rummaging through the bottom shelf. Mostly, this meant they were getting into my make-up. We had a few such instances before I finally just cleared the whole shelf.

The empty shelf must have been convenient for Jeremy last night when he went to put away the cold medication we have been giving to all the little stuffed noses around here. And Zachary must not have given up hope that something interesting would show up on that bottom shelf again, though it had been bare for days.

Today, there must have been a find and the childproof cap must not have been much of a problem because Zachary brought me the cream colored bath mat stained with cherry-flavored liquid. He was concerned about the spill and wanted me to wash it. This wasn't the first time Zachary's obsessively clean habits have given him away. He is the only child of his ilk in this family and so we always know who wrote on the wall with permanent marker, for example, when the cap has been replaced and the marker rightly put away.

I immediately retrieved the bottle. It had a trace amount of medication left at the bottom. I picked up the phone and called Jeremy. He informed me that there couldn't have been too much more than a tablespoon in the bottle last night. I was glad to hear that. Then, I checked the active ingredients. It was cough and cold medication with Tylenol, a decongestant, a cough suppressant, and an antihistamine. The Tylenol concerned me most.

Jeremy suggested I call poison control, but I know how they lean toward getting people seen; it seemed Zachary couldn't have consumed that much and I really, really didn't want to head to ER with five little boys. But neither did I want that lame excuse to haunt me forever should something happen, and so I called.

The nurse on the other end of the line was very kind and patient with me while I told her the situation, weighed Zachary, measured the remaining medication and read her the active ingredients. God bless nurses!

She worked out the math and explained that, at most, he had taken three times his normal dosage and that was safely within the safety limits for that particular medication. She suggested I give him a glass of milk and something to eat and she warned me that the antihistamine could make him either hyperactive or very drowsy.

We lucked out.

Zachary didn't make it through his lunch before he fell asleep on the table, but now it is 9:30 and all the boys are asleep, but one. I can hear him in his crib, "I want milk...I want milk." Maybe we didn't luck out after all.


Denise said...

So glad that he's ok---I'm realizing I need to re-baby proof as well. Add that in to the "fall cleaning" I guess.

By the way, thanks for the encouragement with working on my blog links. I finally figured it out tonight.

Anonymous said...

God bless the nurses. I've had that happen to me. I finally learned to keep the medicine in a tool box under lock and key. Hope your little one is feeling better today.

Renee said...

I am so glad Zachary is ok. It is funny how the little ones can open the child proof bottle, and the we have problems...... and these bottle are design to keep out who?

Anonymous said...

My son opted to try eating deoderant from our bathroom. Poison control was very helpful and kind. Glad your little one is OK. And for future reference, deoderant when consumed will induce instant vomiting and quite the nasty face on a little one who realizes it isn't tasty.

C.M.W. said...

Poor darlin'!

Thank the good Lord for the person who first had the idea for Poison Control!

Those medicine induced sleeps are horrible! My son breaks out in hives when he has a virus and the first time it happened was so bad our pediatrician basically told us to knock him out on purpose otherwise he would scratch himself miserable. He slept six hours and then woke up wanting cereal and pancakes. It was 7 pm and he thought it was morning!

Jen said...

My only son (so far) has ingested everything from diaper powder to antibacterial soap. I understand your concern when he brought in the bath mat! I'm so glad he was okay. Sorry the medicine didn't have the desired effect. That stuff ALWAYS makes my kids hyper.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is well. Those things can be so scary. We've had to call poison control a couple times, too, and they've always been great.

And, btw, thanks for the linkage!

nutmeg said...

Glad he's ok, and you spared a trip to the ER! I have a LOVE-er-ly story about a "newbie" poison control nurse, and a dense ER doctor, and a 6 hour ER visit.... but I'll spare ya!

All I can say is, God blessed you b/c He knew a trip to the ER would be a bit much, and He taught me a lesson about which ER to bring my kids to!

Isn't God great?


Thanks, too for linking to me...I'll be returning the favor!