Sunday, September 10, 2006

We "Heart" Cape Cod

In fact, we heart it so much that we almost bought a bumper sticker that said so, and we have NEVER had a bumper sticker. Cape Cod is quintessential New England. It is classic; it is quaint; it is romantic, fascinating, and beautiful.

I've been to beaches before but have never spent so much time so close to the ocean and seen it in so many different ways. We visited the bayside beaches and ocean side beaches, beaches full of rocks, shells, and crabs, and beaches with miles of soft white sand where seals play near the shore. We explored salt marshes, waded through wet lands and tidal pools, walked through sand dunes and by cliffs that drop into the sea.

Then there were the shops, the restaurants, and the art galleries. We didn't visit too many of these with all the boys, but it was enough for me to smell the delicious food cooking inside and view the quaint New England style shop signs.

No we didn't eat out too often, but that didn't keep us from eating well. By the fishing pier in Chatham where the fishing boats come in there was a wonderful fish market. We chose our dinner there nearly every night. Swordfish caught that morning, prepared with a Nantucket rub and grilled to perfection and homemade New England clam chowder with crusty fresh bread were two of our favorites. Then there was the night we had steamed clams. The boys had befriended a local clam digger by asking him questions about his sport. He gladly took them all out and showed them how to dig for clams. They caught several species of crab, plenty of kelp, and about twenty hard shell clams. We steamed them in ocean water when we got back to the house and enjoyed them with butter.

Then there was the Rail Trail. Cape Cod has a bike trail that is 25 miles long. The traffic on this trail is heavy enough for shops and restaurants to have opened up all along side of it. We rented bikes and rode the Cape Cod Rail Trail 10 miles from Brewster to Orleans and back, stopping only for lunch. I had the two babies in a kiddie trailer, Jacob was on a tandem behind Jeremy and the two oldest each had their own bikes. We all rode happily along in the warm air smelling, on occasion, the candy-like smell of ripe grapes in the sun. We were together, but each of us alone with the day, with the motion of our bikes, with the gentle breeze, and with our happy thoughts. I felt the warmth of the sun on my face and I thought to myself,'This must be a bit like heaven.' In heaven we will, all of us, be happy and together but each of us will be alone in some way too, with God.

And so I could go on about the lady that took the boys out on her kayak or the fisherman who gave Simeon a live starfish, the neighbor who let the boys use his swing set whenever they wanted or how the boys completed all the required tasks to become Junior Cape Cod National Seashore Rangers, received badges, and slept with them on.... but I think I've made it quite clear that we had a wonderful vacation at Cape Cod, more than I could write about in one evening or two... and so I will end this post with a heart felt 'thank you' to everyone that wished and prayed for the good weather we had.

Besides, tomorrow is the first day of school.

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helene said...

OK, lovely and let's see some pictures and hear some stories about your FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! You left us with a cliff hanger.