Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nicholas Sets the Record Straight

Now look here, I just read what my mother wrote about me in the last post and I think she's looking at the whole thing in the wrong way. I am not the problem here, it's all of them.

You see, up until about three days ago I had a really great life. Every morning when I woke up my mother would take me out of my crib and cuddle with me, then I would play with my four older brothers. Every day we spent hours outside as a family sometimes walking, sometimes playing tennis, sometimes going to the park, but most of the time we went swimming at the pool or at the beach.

Ah yes, my life was full of sand, and water and sunshine and fun. But then a terrible thing happened. Everyone started talking about "school" whatever that is, and I just ignored it thinking it didn't have anything to do with me so it wouldn't affect my wonderful life.

Boy, was I wrong! The next morning everyone got up and it was all serious-like. Hurry, hurry, hurry... no cuddling, no playing, no nothing but chores. Then they all sat down at a table and scratched at paper with pencils. Where is the fun in that?

"What's the matter with everyone?" I asked, but nobody paid any attention. They were all too busy with the pencils and paper. "Hey look" I said dumping the pencil shavings onto the floor to remind them of sand, "Remember sand? Remember fun?" Still nobody listened, and so I went to the sink. "Water! Guys! Remember water?" I turned on the faucet and splashed around a bit. That got my mother's attention.

Did she take me upstairs and change me into my swimsuit, pack a beach bag and head to the van? Alas, no, she stripped me of my clothes and sent me off to play with a very crabby Zachary. I'll admit that I was rather annoyed at this point and I may have caused some trouble because of it, but I was just trying to restore some sanity to this household. You can understand that, right?

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