Thursday, September 14, 2006

And I Thought I Had It Rough

There's an article in the Wall Street Journal today with the title, "Extreme Juggling: Parents Home-School the Kids While Holding Full-Time Jobs." The articles states that,

"Amid the expansion of home-schooling in general, the involvement of parents who are employed full time or almost full time is increasing even faster."

Many of the employed full-time and home-schooling interviewed for this article keep late hours or insanely early ones, work seven days a week, and sometimes worry that they might be shortchanging either work or their kid's education. Even so, they believe that fitting a school day into a work day is not unrealistic.

What motivates these parents to take their children out of school and take on the arduous task of educating their children themselves when they are already employed full-time?

The article doesn't answer that question, but states in general that parents aren't choosing to home-school simply for religious reasons anymore and that some parents have concerns about peer pressure and the quality of public education.

If parents, in increasing numbers, are willing to take on such heavy burdens in order to keep their children out of the public school system then something just has to change.

I can see myself now, complaining to a grown son and daughter-in-law, "Well, when I was home-schooling my boys we didn't have all the nice [tax benefits, vouchers, government money, flex-time employment options...whatever it is] you have now."


Teresa From Tennessee said...

I am one of the parents that homeschools and works outside of the home. I only work part time. I pulled my high schoolers out of public school. I live in the right part of town and am upper middle class.I pulled them because of overcrowding and drugs. There are 2055 kids in a high school built for 1100. Children are using drugs in the parking lot and if you don't play sports;you are not worthy. Teachers will not see parents in person. They use e-mail only at our high school. After I tried to get help for my gifted (3.655 grade point) son because there were drugs in the bathroom; I was told "Just take him out if you don't like it. We have too many kids anyway." I figured I couldn't do any worse job than was going on. So my junior son and freshman daughter came out last year. Thanks for listening. Great blog. Must run in the family. I read your sister too.

Suzanne Temple said...

t from t,
Thanks for reading and Kudos to you for all the hard work you do!!