Monday, August 28, 2006

Boys, Boys, Boys!

"Cats, Cats, Cats!"by Leslea Newman (and beautifully illustrated by Erika Oller) is a lovely little book about one Mrs. Brown who keeps a great multitude of cats. She loves them all so dearly though they romp through her house, get into absolutely everything, and leave enormous messes. all seems so strangely familiar.

My four year old , Jacob, just loves this book. Cuddled on the couch beside me, he was all ears when I read for the first time,

"Cats in the entryway throwing confetti, Cats in the dining room eating spaghetti..."

"Black cats, white cats, gray cats too
Eyes of brown and eyes of blue...

Striped cats, spotted cats, large and small
Mrs Brown just loved them all."

At this point Jacob looked up at me with that excitement children get when they have made a connection. "Mama, " he said, "that is JUST LIKE how you love children." I agreed. He kissed me and we read on...

"She loved to fill her lap with them
She loved to take a nap with them

She loved to place them all just so
and then embrace them row by row"

"Some say that Mrs Brown is batty
And that her house is way too catty

Says Mrs Brown, 'Oh fiddle dee dee!
I love my cats and they love me."


Some say the Temple house is noisy
Some say that it is much too boysie

Says Mrs Temple, "Oh fiddle dee dee
I love my boys and they love me."

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